Cake Tasting | In Person

Cake Tasting | In Person

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A cake tasting platter is the perfect way to explore the many flavor options available for your special event. Our experienced pastry chef will work with you to create a delicious platter of 6 cake flavors, each one more delicious than the last. With this platter, you'll get an in-person consultation to discuss design and pricing, so you can choose the perfect cake for your event.

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THE CAKE!!!!! THE CAKE!!!! THE CAKE!!!!! Not only was it simply delicious it was truly a piece of artwork!!!!!!! Just as we tasted it and exactly designed the way we requested!!!! Everyone raved about “the cake”!! Our guests were stealing the cake from people dancing!! I had a gentleman talk to me on Sunday brunch for a half hour just about “the cake”. The pictures do not do it justice!! I’m ordering more cake in a few weeks and having a cake party! Thank you Jo!! Nothing more magnificent!! 🤗🤗🤗 . Btw our cake was whipped white chocolate cheesecake with a seedless raspberry filling and buttercream ( yes buttercream, not like you know) frosting!!

Diane D.
Strongsville, OH

Just ordered all of my wedding desserts and cake from Patisserie 42! They were absolutely amazing in making the whole experience stress free and easy! They even gave me suggestions on how to decorate my cupcakes since I had no idea what I wanted. Highly recommend working with them for your special day!

C. Pierce
Cleveland, OH

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